Don’t Let The Sun Set on Your Legacy Systems

Legacy Systems get hit the hardest with material availability concerns. Their 15 to 20 year life spans are prone to obsolescence because they are outliving the technology turn, and technology has no plans of slowing down. The risks involved with these advancements can not be underestimated. Re-designs are costly and time consuming, programs become susceptible to counterfeit parts, and operational readiness is compromised.

 2014 DMSMS Resolution Average Costs and Confidence Intervals from Defense Standardization Program

“We have a problem with material availability. I have a clear concern for sourcing parts for legacy systems.”
– GEN Gus Perna (CG, AMC)

First Pass: Find, Source, and Inspect

The capability to source obsolete material will positively affect the short and long term sustainment of systems at lower total ownership cost of Legacy Platforms.

What’s your plan?

Having an obsolescence plan ensures improved performance rather than battling the alternative. CTG can help. Our obsolescence experts leverage material available in the commercial marketspace, use prudent engineering principles. CTG also ensures all material meets technical and quality specifications and adheres to prudent Cyber Security requirements.