Forward Observer Radio Integration Kit (FO/FAC)

The FO/FAC kit for the M1 was designed in 2004 by the Army’s BenAfAt laboratories, and assembled by Watervliet Arsenal manufacturing personnel. The system was in need of communications technology overhaul.

CTG worked with several partners to develop a solution for the Forward Observer/Forward Air Controller (FO/FAC) kit, which replaces obsolete components in US Marine Corps M1A1 Abrams tank with new Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) systems. This kit seamlessly integrates existing M1A1 communications systems into modern C4ISR networks using “plug and play” technology. The system integrates multiple components into the original equipment form factor, maximizing the available space and heat dissipation within the vehicle, and maximizing power consumption.

CTG fulfilled the 331 FO/FAC kit requirement designed to allow Forward Observers to operate safely from the confines of a tank. By working closely with supplier partners, including Harris and COMROD, we met the requirement under budget and ahead of schedule. The integration kit includes radio tray assemblies, brackets, various harness assembly power cables, and all mounting fasteners.