Modular Devices, Inc. Is Triman’s Newest Partner

Modular Devices, Inc. is a privately held U.S. Corporation established in 1973. It specializes in the rapid design, development and manufacture of robust, high reliability DC to DC converters, power supplies, controllers & distribution products for the military, commercial, space and aerospace communities worldwide.

Comprehensive range of in-house engineering and production capabilities allow MDI to be exceptionally responsive to its customers’ diverse requirements.

Professional staff optimized for performance to Mil & Space level Quality Assurance and Program Management requirements.

MDI is uniquely capable of coordinating advanced power conversion technologies with professional management to meet or exceed customer challenges.

MDI is proud of our long heritage of accomplishment and customer satisfaction. We remain committed to providing our partners with cutting edge solutions, reducing risk, maintaining rigorous quality standards and control, and fostering long lasting relationships built on communication and trust.

CAGE 52202

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