Triman Adds Additional Navy Quality Assurance Capability

Triman is pleased to announce it is now strategically positioned to support U.S. Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) / Navy Nuclear military contracts classified with X3/X5 SMIC codes on behalf of our valued clients. This capability, which is unique for a distribution sales channel provider, has been combined with Triman’s wide range of services and incorporated into our accredited AS/ISO Quality Management System.

Navy Special Emphasis (NSEO) is the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) organization primarily designated to perform contract administrative office (CAO) functions for NAVSUP WSS, Nuclear Reactor Program (NRP), and is certified to handle all aspects of the inspection for Nuclear identified parts.

With approval from the DCMA NSEO Quality Assurance Representative (“QAR”) Team, Triman can contractually process these awards including initial inbound inspection, packaging / labeling, outbound quality inspection, and final product acceptance. Such processes include performing complete dimensional inspection, full document review, material certification traceability, and conjunctive final NSEO QAR government acceptance of product at our facility.

Triman’s experienced staff can support MIL-STD-2073 and all critical Navy packaging requirements and specifications included in NAVSUP awarded contracts and government issued IRPOD’s ROTI’s & SPI’s. Additionally, in support of the Navy requirements the Triman facility is a Mercury free workplace and maintains Counterfeit Avoidance and Foreign Object Detection Programs.

Any manufacturer who is an approved NSEO manufacturer for NAVSUP Level 1 / Sub-Safe products can rely on Triman not only for full processing compliance to X3/X5 but support for all their L1/SS military packaging, labeling and direct shipments.