Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas is Vice President, Digital Services, the team responsible for delivering technology solutions that leverage data as a strategic asset for Blue Raven and its partners. Since 2010, Kyle has helped lead the development of our data acquisition platform, the SEDNA™ App Suite of proprietary sourcing/supply chain management systems, and our industry leading SEDNA Analytics™ market data analysis platform.

To maintain Blue Raven’s position as a leader in applied data, he has built a ship-fast culture around DevSecOps practices that allows for rapid design and development of new applications and features with automated, secure and compliant continuous delivery. The Blue Raven platforms and Digital Services processes allow for the fast integration of new contextual information and insights, derived from our in-house Data Science group, into every step of the workflow supporting decisions with operational, market, strategic and projected data.

Kyle graduated from the University of Delaware with a BS in Chemical Engineering and a BA in Physics.

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